2002 Winners

2002 Sponsors

2002 Photo Gallery

1ST Place
Owen Keefe, Ed Sopneslok, Russ Morissette, John Moody

2nd Place
Steve Braga, Joe Souza, Gil Slater, Dave Galego

3rd Place
Ken Steen, Rich Cox, Chris O’Neil, Mark O’Neil

4th Place
Mike Kane, Ray Denis, Warren Borgatti, Carl DiFranco

5th Place
Mark Biscoe, Jerry McNiskin, Norm Hoppensteadt, Jim Hoppensteadt

6th Place
Ken Potvin, Rowland Hill, Pete Paindiris, Roger McClellan

Last Place
Norma Beaudry, Charlie German, Roger Pearly, Frank Kohanski

Closest To the Pin – Hole 7 (Men)
John Sands

Closet To the Pin – Hole 17 (Men)
Lou Kruger

Longest Drive – Hole 18 (Men))
Kevin Walker    

Closet to the Pin – Hole 17 (Women)
Lynn Calpeter

Closet to the Pin – Hole 7 (Women)
Denise Smith

Longest Drive – (Women)
Laura Phipps

Most Accurate
Brian Sullivan